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National Library of Armenia
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Hayastani Azgain Gradaran
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The National Library of Armenia (NLA) organizes, preserves, and provides to its users the most comprehensive collection of Armenian national publishing output, as well as works of informational and practical value published abroad. The NLA compiles and publishes bibliographic lists and scholarly studies concerning the Armenian book, as well as concerning the fields of national bibliography and library science. The NLA serves as the center for scientific information, library science, bibliography, Armenology, methodology, interlibrary loan, and culture.


Postal address
72, Terian Street, Yerevan 375009, Armenia
Visiting address
The same
+374 1 58 42 59
+374 1 52 97 11
General e-mail
David Sargsyan

Staff and annual budget

Annual budget
AMD 90,000,000 (US$160,000)

Size of collections

Serial titles
Current serial titles
Other electronic resources
EIFL Direct

Descriptions of special collections

In the department of Old and Rare literature seven separate stocks are created:

The Old-printed Literature Stock, which includes Armenian books published from 1512-1850, Armenian reviews of 1794-1860, Russian old-printed literature of 1564-1825 and old-printed literature of 1450-1800 in European languages. The Archival Literature Stock, which includes Armenian books published since 1851 up to nowadays, Armenian reviews of 1794 up to nowadays, Armenian magazines of 1846 up to nowadays and Armenian small materials stocks of 1850 up to nowadays. The Stock of Armenian-lettered and Foreign Language-lettered Literature, which consists of new and old-printed literature in Turkish, Kurdish and other languages. The Literature Stock with Authorial notes and Gift-notes. Rare Literature: historical, cultural, paleographic editions and editions of museum value.

The Stock of Famous Collections includes the private libraries of Armenian famous social, state, scientific, literal and cultural figures, such as Mjasnikyan, Leo, Manandyan, Arghutyan, Ghorghanyan and others. The stock also includes the library collections of some educational, cultural companies, e.g. Yerevan Masculine Gymnasium, Moscow Lazaryan Seminary, Tbilisi Nersisyan School, etc.

Languages of the literature in the collections

Russian: 69.7%

Armenian: 22.6%

Others: 7.7%


Name(s) of OPAC(s)
The library is not automated
Other remarks on the catalogues
Books, magazines, serial publications and newspapers are listed in separate catalogs according to their language and format, namely, books, magazines, serial publications and newspapers. Catalog cards provide bibliographic information concerning the author, the title, the place and date of publication, number of pages and other information.

In the alphabetical catalog the cards are arranged by author; but if the book does not have a single author, then by the collective author name. Through the alphabetical list you can find out:

Specific titles by a given author

Other books by the same author

Information about the author

In the alphabetical listing the works of a given author are arranged according to the following sequence: collections of complete works, selected works and individual works, by title in alphabetical order.

In the subject catalog library materials are listed according to specific branches of knowledge. The literature is classified into ten categories of knowledge as defined by the Universal Decimal Classification.

Use, loans and copying policies

User groups
Anyone, age 16 or older, who presents personal identification, a 3x4 cm photo, and pays the fee for a reader card, may benefit from library services
Use restrictions
Requested materials are delivered to the reading-room where the request was placed. Users receive the materials upon presenting their reader card and verification form. In the General reading-room the material is at the users' disposal for 15 days; while in the Researchers' reading-room, for one month. It is possible to extend the usage time if there are no other requests for the same book. Request forms denied for various reasons are returned to the Reference Desk. For requests denied as "In use," the material may be consulted in the reading-room, if it is not being used by the previous reader. When leaving the library, the reader must relinquish the stamped verification to the controlling officer
Price of loans
1. Personal loans: Free of charge

2. ILLs: AMD 13,800 (US$25)

Price of copies
1. Copies made by the library and sent to patrons: AMD 20 (US$0.05)

2. Copies made by patrons: Not available

3. ILLs: AMD 40 (US$0.10)

Other remarks on patron policies
The special permission is required to use the Rare and Old materials

Other collections in education in Armenia

The largest academic library is the Yerevan State University's Library.
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There are about 80 state and private universities and other institutes of high learning. In 1991 the American University of Armenia was established.
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