All Pakistan Educational Conference

General description

History, description, mission statement etc.
The Conference was founded by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in the year 1886. It was revived in Pakistan by S. Altaf Ali Brelvi (Alif) in the year 1951 at Karachi. It has published 125 books in education & learning which is its main object. Established Sir Syed Girls' College in the year 1956. More than ten thousand students are enrolled at the college. It is now in the hands of the government. The Conference is running a reading room & library & picture gallery. The library has more than 25,000 books on education, politics, etc. and is established in its own spacious building. It holds meetings of intellectuals as a matter of routine.


Postal address
1-5-45/100 Syed Altaf Ali Brelvi Road, Nazimabad, Karachi 18, Pakistan
Visiting address
The same
+92 62 11 95
S. Mustafa Ali Brelvi

Staff and annual budget

Three members; 1-2 part time
Annual budget
PKR 95,400 (US$ 1,504) (2000-2001)

Size of collections

> 25,000

Descriptions of special collections

1. Rare Collection on War of Independence 1857
2. Rare Collection on War of Independence 1947 - Pakistan
3. Rare Collection on Aligarh Educational Movement
4. It has a separate periodicals section
5. A fine collection of photographs

Languages of the literature in the collections




Other activities and remarks

Photostats are provided to those scholars who come for research. Free reading room & library consultation services are provided during the year as a matter of routine.

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